Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Summery Cousin Craft Day

Ever since our Christmas ornament crafting extravaganza, we've been dying to schedule another craft day. Staying a little extra after Mike's party gave me the time to fit it in... And it was SO worth it!

After taking a while to narrow down our options, we basically wanted to do EVERYTHING we found on Pinterest, we found the perfect project. I saw this tutorial for wood canvases, which looked not too hard (since Ron cut all the wood for us) and fun (since everyone could do their own photos). Based on the amount of canvases we made, I think it was a hit!
We started by painting our canvases.
Then attached the photos with diluted Mod Podge and added more to seal the top.
They turned out great!
We actually remember to take a group shot with our works of art!
I love it!

We also attempted to copy a bracelet tutorial, but that didn't work out so well. Hopefully I can perfect it before the next craft day. Krissy and Kelsey got to use the soldering tool anyways, so I think they were happy. 

We actually did craft day part 2 later in the week, where we made some awesome tank tops! I didn't get any pictures of these, but I'll be wearing mine when we're working in the house, so I'll get pictures of it, eventually. Kristyn managed to use the scraps to embarrass the poor pups!

I had such a fun time on both of our craft days! It was great to be able to spend some quality time with the girls, since it doesn't usually happen (at least not very often). I can't wait to hang up my canvases in the new house!

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