Friday, August 9, 2013

The Living Room Makeover

One of the things that we liked about this house was the way the living room and dining room were open, and we knew that eventually we could knock the wall out of the kitchen and have a great space for entertaining. Since we spend most of our time in the living room, we decided that making it look presentable was a priority. Thanks to Pinterest and Houzz, I had a vision for the whole house, but I'll let you decide whether or not it turned out...

I know it's been more than a month since we bought the house, but I'll fill everyone in on a few more details. After closing on the house on Thursday, we had to go back to Rochester for Amit's last day of residency (Friday). We left Rochester early Saturday morning with car loads of supplies and then we hit the ground running as soon as we made it to Ithaca. I tried to run around the house to take all of the before pictures before Amit brought all of our necessities in, but I know I missed some shots.

Dining Room on left, Living Room on right
Another view of the living room

Like I said in this post, we did a ton of work with Ron and Mom. As soon as they got to town, we got right to work. Amit had torn up the carpets before they got here, so we pretty much just got to priming and painting right away. Except for those darned carpet staples. There were so many staples to pull up! Let's just say we're putting plenty of sweat equity into this house. 
Here are some "In Progress" shots.
After priming the walls.
We tinted the primer to a beige, but it totally dried purple-ish.
Emma ended up spending her time at the top of the stairs,
since we were working throughout the rest of the house.
It's starting to look a little different...
After painting the walls - 
While I love wood,
I love white trim more.
Now my look was really starting to come together!

Once we had painted the living area, it was time to lay the flooring. Ron and Amit did an awesome job installing the laminate. I love my dark floors! (Next dog will need to have darker hair, though.)
Hooray for no more plywood floors!
Clearly Emma is happy about that.

Now that our furniture is in, it's really starting to look like a home. We've hung our curtains, hung a new dining room chandelier, and replaced the front door. Let's just say, it feels very good to have this room done!
Now it feels like ours!
(I apologize for the dark photos... It's been humid and rainy here the past few days.)

I'll leave you with our entire living room renovation - from beginning to end!


  1. It looks awesome, Heather!! I love the dark floors!! Can't wait to see your progress. :-)

    1. Thanks Tia! I'm still surprised it turned out. Amazing what paint can do! ;-)