Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday Fun Day

Another highlight of Boston, is our group of dental school friends. They are absolutely fantastic!! We've started to hang out at least once a week and usually it involves food. We have family dinners, make day trips, and occasionally go a little crazy, like we did on Saturday.

First off, Amit and I decided to go for an hour long hike in the Blue Hills... Well, instead of just going out for 30 minutes and then turning around, we decided to try to find a short cut. Bad idea! Our hour long hike ended up lasting for 2 1/2 hours!! It was an adventure and a lot of hiking! We wil definitely not make the same mistake again.

So Saturday we went to our friend's place to watch the Notre Dame/USC game and eat some fabulous food. The boys discussed the game at school and wanted Tamsen to make her famous wings, so she did! So we went to Costco to buy the wings and ended up buying WAY more than necessary (we didn't know how many wings we'd it, so we overestimated. Tamsen made about 170 wings and all 6 of us ended up eating almost all of them. Amit ate a ton of them!
She made hot wings AND honey garlic wings

You can see in that picture that we also had guacamole, made by Mel. It was delicious, I love guacamole!! That wasn't even all that we had... The BEST part of the whole day was Tamsen's incredible cinnamon rolls! Nathan and I love going to Cinnabon, and I have to say these were even better! She even said I could come over and learn her recipe, woo hoo!!!
I had two!! They had homemade icing and everything!

So all in all, it was a great food day! Amit and I enjoyed it that much more because we had gone for that 2.5 hour hike, so we didn't feel a bit bad about eating that much food.
Amit's third plate (his first roll)

I just had to blog about this once I learned the menu, how can you go wrong with wings and cinnamon rolls?? It made me think of Nate! :-)


  1. that is so much icing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha, that was the best part... Plus the rolls were much bigger than they look in the pictures. :-) Yum!

  3. One more thing... I think it would take more than one hot yoga class to burn them off.