Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Foliage Fun Day - Part 2

So after we left the orchard, we headed farther north to the White Mountains. One of our favorite places to hike, we were excited to see what our favorite views would look like in a different color. Well, more like colors...

We ended up finding the Indian Head lookout, which was a tall tower with tons of stairs that we had to climb up. It was worth it once we were up there, it gave us some breathtaking views.
That dark mountain in the middle of the photo is Mt. Washington

Once we came down from the tower, we headed back to the highway and decided to drive a few miles to see a few of our favorite spots and try out some new ones. The new place we found, Echo Lake Beach, we beautiful! It was so isolated and the trees were reflected beautifully in the still water.
 I love the way that the mountains look in this shot!

The trees were so amazing!

 I got this shot as we were heading back to the car!

All in all it was a very successful fall foliage trip! It exceeded my expectations... We're looking forward to the upcoming weeks, since the trees by us haven't really started to change. So stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful New England fall!

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