Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Weekend Highlights

I had so much fun on my visit! The whole point of it was Krissy's confirmation, but of course other crazy things always happen! Here are some of my other favorite moments from the trip...
I love Tricia's style of home decorating...
She got new faucets for her remodeled bathrooms.
I am OBSESSED with them! They were so cool!! 
I have to add this picture to my future home planning book. ;-)
 On Friday, Bruce went to Krissy's school for Career Day, 
even though his Krissy was ditching school to meet up with her favorite cousins for lunch.
We made him tell us all about his presentation,
including the three important characteristics of a good person.
Integrity, passion, and commitment.
It was hilarious!
Nate and I were cracking up, 
I love Mel's face as Bruce is "lecturing" her.
The house is undergoing a transformation, with a water theme.
The pool area was renovated, too.
It looks fantastic. 
I totally cannot wait to go down the GIANT slide!!
My other new favorite thing from Tricia's?
Her Mother's Day present!
Nate makes me laugh...
How cute!
 He also likes to steal my camera...
and use it to annoy Melanie.
Then there is the pool. I love hanging out in it... when its not 60 degrees with even colder water. If you go swimming then, you're just crazy. I guess Krissy's related to a bunch of lunatics, because the cousins went swimming!! Not me, I just stood on the edge of the pool and took some great video and pictures. My computer is not liking my videos right now, so for now you're stuck with pictures. Check out how sweet the slide is!

The slide looked like a lot of fun...
but everyone sure looked chilly when they got out of the water!

It was so nice to be back home, just chilling in Lemont and chatting with my favorite girls. It felt like I had only been gone weeks, not months. I love you ladies!! ;-)

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