Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jess and Tim's Wedding

On Friday the 28th, our friends Tim and Jess got married. They were the third ones in our group to get married, which meant all the guys were back in Schaumburg for a reunion! It was so great to see everybody. We love Boston, but we miss the boys so much. It was hard to believe that we hadn't all been together since we got married, almost a year ago! One of the things I love about our friends, is that even when we've been apart for a long time, everyone just picks up right where we left off. Let's just say that that weekend was a love fest between the boys, complete with lots of hugs and laughs and stories. Time to get off of my boy tangent and back to the wedding fun...
The rehearsal dinner got the wedding weekend off to a great start...
How can you go wrong with some fantastic Chicago pizza? 
Amit even had two slices! 
The best part of being in this wedding, apart from hanging with our friends, was spending Thursday and Friday being pampered. I think I need to get my nails done more often! The best part of getting ready for the wedding on Friday was running into Nana at Kohl's while I was looking for earrings! We even browsed the clearance for non-wedding jewelery. (Wedding day preparations are so easy when you're not the bride!)
Here's Jess resting before her big walk down the aisle
Since we were standing up in front of the church, we, for obvious reasons, did not take pictures of the ceremony. I think that would have gotten us kicked out. The boys were too cute. I enjoyed being able to watch them throughout the ceremony, they made me laugh (in my head). I loved watching them chat with each other and make faces at different parts of the ceremony. After the ceremony was over and pictures were taken we headed to the reception. It was a good thing, too... We were hungry!
Proof that we were hungry -
we shoved our face full of meatballs,
while waiting for Mom to figure out the camera. 
 Now the post-meatball photo.
Much better!
(Told you all that pampering paid off!)
Picture time!
Us with Craig on the left;
with Jeremy and Maggie on the right.
 Of course I had to get one of just the boys...
Amit stole my camera during dinner... These pictures were his idea. I think he had a lot of fun. 
 With Joe. 
I love this picture, its too cute!
 After dinner, the boys decided to warm up the dance floor.
Not quite sure what they were doing,
I think they might have been planning their dance moves.
I love Ray, he makes me laugh.
We had cheesecake for dessert,
apparently he loves it,
and took all of our extras.
After we had eaten our fill of dessert, 
it was finally time for dancing.
Amit got these pictures of their first dance and Tim with his mom.
The camera fun begins...
(since we're not home often,
I'm trying to take more pictures)
The boys have turned Thriller into their wedding tradition...
they do it well.
(Though it looks like they started off a little behind Craig, the Thriller master.)
Many songs later, I figured it would be a good time to get photos before the night was over.
Somehow I managed to capture all of their personalities
and these pictures totally show why I love them so!

It was such a fun night. We were all so happy to just be together again. In case you don't believe me, I'll leave you with one last piece of evidence...

Sweet dreams, Amit!

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