Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Independence Day is our favorite holiday... We love everything about it; the barbecues, summer weather, the decor (well, that's more me than Amit), and of course, fireworks. This was our first Fourth celebrated in Boston, so we decided to head downtown with the Keyes family to find a great spot on the Charles to watch the fireworks up close. We got downtown around 3 and had about 7 hours to entertain ourselves while we waited for the show to start. Since I had my camera with me, what better way for me to entertain myself than by taking some fabulous photos...
My handsome husband
Check out that view...
 We had a fantastic, unobstructed view of the barge.
We all talked and talked under the sun.
I love any excuse to lay out by the water and get tan.
Dinner from Domino's was delicious!
Thank goodness for the three little ones...
If we weren't as distracted by them, 
we would have probably run out of things to talk about.
I also worked (a little bit) on my portrait taking skills.
 Finally sunset arrived and Amit took a great picture!
One year we will watch the fireworks from a boat like those...
We had such a great time. We were lucky to be close to a speaker so we could hear the Boston Pops concert with guest star Toby Keith!! (The country music made it feel a little more like home.) The fireworks were awesome! John got some amazing pictures of them, we just stood there and watched them. It was well worth the seven hour wait. When we go again next year, it might just be by kayak or boat.

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