Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boston Adventures - Part 2

Otherwise known as Fun Family Day on the Cape. I can't think of too many other people we'd rather have spent our first day at the Cape with either. So we headed down to Wellfleet on Saturday morning to show our visitors just how we like to spend our free time.

When we got to the beach it was late morning and rather foggy. We didn't let it get our spirits down, though. We were ready for some fun!
We had to get down some large sand dunes to get to the beach.
Thank goodness the boys carried the cooler down!

Check out that fog!
 Everyone was super excited for beach time!
I had seen this cute photo in one of my magazines and decided 
to take advantage of my fabulous Krissy and try it out.
After several attempts it finally worked!
Of course I had to get some personal photos in...
While we hung out by the water,
Bruce and Tricia napped.
While walking down the beach,
we saw some seals swimming around in the water!
Amit ran all the way back to our stuff to grab the camera.
The view down the beach was gorgeous.
 Tricia and Krissy walking along the coast.
 After spending an enjoyable afternoon by the water, we headed to a delicious lunch with a fabulous view of Wellfleet Harbor. (Totally forgot to take a picture of it, of course.)
On Sunday, before they headed on the last leg of their road trip, we headed to Fenway since the boys of course had to see all the big sports places. We ordered some appetizers at The Bleacher Bar and enjoyed the view of the field.
The view out the window
 Krissy looking thrilled to be at yet another sports destination.
Happy to be with family.
We had a great visit with the family. It was great to show them what we love about the East Coast and catch up on all the late night talks we've missed over the past year. 
Thanks for coming out, you guys, we loved having you here!!

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