Friday, July 2, 2010

BBQs and Beaches

I am loving my second summer in New England. There's something so relaxing, yet so fun, about spending our weekends on the beach. Last summer we spent a lot of time sightseeing, so this is going to be a much more mellow, beach bum type of summer. We could both just lay at the beach for hours. We usually do, unless we end up going to the beach with friends, then things end up being a lot more fun.

On Saturday, we headed to Cohasset to see the Keyes. The boys were going to do some studying and Amit wanted to spend his study break at Cohasset Beach, which we heard was gorgeous. Lucky for us the Keyes got their beach sticker! We all piled into their minivan (which I love - vans are great, anyone want to give me one?) and headed to enjoy the sun.
It was a gorgeous afternoon...
but the beach wasn't too crowded!
The water temp was supposedly 63,
felt more like 36 to us.
The boys still went in anyways!
Aiden's floaty is so awesome!
While the boys were getting wet, 
I was hanging with my little man, Ben.
He's my buddy. I love him!!!
Check out his hat - how adorable is that?!
 Amit got a shot of where we camped out.
Abby wasn't interested in the water...
she decided to bury Amit's feet in the sand.
Amit looked like he enjoyed it.
Here's a few other of my favorite shots from the beach...
Just in case you were wondering whether or not the boys actually studied, here's your proof. Amit wasn't just studying, he was literally reading his slides out loud to Abby, who kept pointing at the xrays asking what it was. It was nice to see Amit trying to recruit the next generation of dentists...

I'll leave you with one final photo, just to get your mouth watering. We had a delicious feast. We love barbecue!

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