Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boston Adventures - Part 1

We have spent the last couple weeks getting spoiled by family. This weekend Bruce, Tricia, and the kids survived a road trip out east to spend the weekend with us in Boston! It was a fun weekend spent showing them our favorite Boston standards, along with some new experiences for all of us!

 When they got here on Friday, we headed downtown to check out the top spots. Quincy Market, Fenuil Hall, the North End, Mike's Pastries, the Old North Church. Of course we added a few twists of our own...
While the boys had a beer at the Cheers bar,
us girls decided to have some fun at Build A Bear.
I love how my Krissy traditions haven't stopped even though we live so far apart!
It started drizzling a bit,
so we figured we should hurry over to the North End.
Boy were we crazy. 
After stopping at Mike's it started pouring!
Do we look wet enough for ya?
Since we were so close to the Old North Church, 
we stopped there and then headed back to our hotel.
By the time we got home, we (and our bears) were soaked!
(Yes, those are bears in lobster outfits!)
We cleaned ourselves up and headed to dinner.
Amit and I love the ambience of the Summer Shack, 
so it was a great place for a welcoming meal.
Bruce brought along a special guest, too.
After all that walking in the rain,
everyone was HUNGRY!
Thank goodness we had plenty of food.
(and salad for Matt)
Amit even showed Mike how to peel his shrimp!
With Bruce and Tricia's guidance (and taste in food),
we bravely tried our first oysters.
They were really good (even with all the stuff Bruce put on top)!!
I will post the photos of me eating it, once I get it from Tricia.
Sorry all, but you know how I love to get pictures of my food.
Obviously its not all MY food, but here it is anyway...
Stay tuned for the second part of our fabulous adventure...

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