Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's like pulling teeth...

Yep, I think its harder to get Amit to post an update here than to pull teeth. And guess what? He would know!! Yeah, that's right. He's actually pulled teeth!!

Amit's officially a third year. Actually, he has been for several weeks, the whole moving thing put a crimp in my blogging style. With third year comes clinic time. He has about 10 patients so far and has several appointments scheduled. He was actually on his oral surgery rotation this past week, so he was able to pull teeth before ever seeing any of his own patients.

And since Amit can now see patients in the clinic, it should only be a few short weeks until I get to visit him!! I'm pretty excited to get my teeth cleaned by my husband, but way more excited to have my camera out to document all that fun!

Sorry for the short, picture-less update, but the big dental news needed to be shared!

PS - We'll be posting a tour of the new apartment soon!

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