Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Thank goodness for friends,, and road trips. Amit got a great deal on a hotel in Lincoln, NH, so we headed up to the mountains last weekend. We invited Seth and Kirsten to come along, so we were in for a relaxing weekend with no real plans...

Saturday morning we headed out to find something to do. We saw an ad for horseback riding and a zip line, so off we went in search of fun. Turns out those were way more than we were willing to spend. Our alternative? A gondola ride up Loon Mountain!! It was a first for us girls, so we were pretty excited.
The view from our gondola.
 Looking out over the mountains...
Of course the boys had to find specific peaks.
All smiles!
So the stuff to do on top of the mountain was very kid-oriented. Want to know what that meant for us? We were left holding the backpacks, while the boys went and played like little kids. It was actually really cute. They have a nice little path that you can take and choose to either walk past these little caves or go through them. Guess which of us chose what.
Amit was super excited to go exploring!
Seth, are you stuck?
Where do we go ?
Looks like a tight fit!!
We had to stop and take a picture here!
Look at that view!
Of course we had to take a picture in the gondola on the way down, too.
After all that crawling, the boys were hungry.
Check out that onion blossom!!
On Saturday night, after napping and doing a little sightseeing, we headed to do some mini-golf!
Waiting for the slowest mini-golfers ever...
What do we do when we're bored?? Take pictures!
 It was a hobo-themed course... And had funny signs like this one. 
Wonder if anyone would get it if we put it on our fence...

Yikes, this is a pretty long post. Guess we'll be going to part 2...

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