Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway Continued

So after our fun night of mini-golf, which we followed up with some ice cream, we headed to bed and woke up to this gorgeous view.
Technically it was there every morning,
but I only took the picture on Sunday.  ;-)
 Remember that delicious lunch I told you about?
Well, apparently the pulled pork was delicious on a waffle for breakfast.
Our destination on Sunday was the Flume Gorge. Amit and I had never been there, so we were interested to see what it would be like. Surprisingly, there was a good amount of water for being the middle of August.
We had to take a little hike to get to the Flume Gorge...
The boys found this tree and were excited to pose!
 We also had to walk over a covered bridge,
such a gorgeous picture!
It was a nice hike to the gorge...
The water was flowing...
There are still some boulders wedged between the rocks, too.
Couple shots!
I love my waterfalls!
On our hike back to the visitor's center,
we crossed another covered bridge with some great views!
Our last stop on the trip was at a little store to pick up some cheese and crackers to enjoy a picnic lunch. We found a fantastic spot to eat with an awesome view!!
We had a great time last weekend and definitely needed that getaway. We were glad Seth and Kirsten could come and hang out with us. We'll definitely be heading back up to the Flume Gorge in the spring, when the waters are (hopefully) roaring!

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