Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break - Boston Style

Ron, Mom, Nate, and Max drove out to spend their spring break with us in cold, dreary Boston. We couldn't wait to celebrate Nate turning 21 and spend some quality time together.

They arrived early on Saturday, so after relaxing for a few hours Ron wanted us to go to the Sam Adams Brewery. After our tour and tasting, we headed to Doyle's to grab dinner and snap a few quick pictures. (I guess Amit wanted to sneak in Sam Adams memorabilia into almost every photo.)
The dogs got along fabulously! Even though the old guy was a bit grouchy in the mornings, they had fun playing and going on walks. He wasn't a big fan of Emma's headbutting hugs, but we thought it was hilarious!
 The most exciting part of the trip was the table that I had been begging Ron to make for me. I loved this high dining table from Crate and Barrel, but we totally can't justify spending the money. Our kitchen needed extra counter space, so I knew it would fit perfectly. It turned out AMAZING!!! I love it and the only thing left to do is to paint and stain it, but that project is waiting for warmer weather. Check it out!

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