Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yikes, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything. Unfortunately the lack of posting is due to us being busy, not because we've been doing anything really fun.

Amit has been happily keeping busy in clinic. He's done crowns, fillings, and he successfully finished his first root canal! He still has tests he's been studying for, which is so not fun. I'm ready for it to be April, since that's when its all clinic all the time. If you'd like Amit to take care of your teeth though, you'll have to come in June, early July. He only has a short window of clinic time in the summer since he's heading up to his 10 week externship at the end of July. He'll be at a community health center in Keene, NH until the end of September. I have a feeling he'll start counting down the days soon, I hear there is lots of good cycling and hiking. It sounds like heaven on earth for him. Emma and I will have to go up to visit him on weekends. Feel free to do the same! Amit has been staying at the Disneyland resort since Wednesday for the American Student Dental Association Annual Session. I think he's been going to meetings most of the time, though they did get to go to the park on Friday and go on the rides. I'll post more pictures when I get them. I hear the girls got a great picture of him on It's a Small World, he says he was miserable. (I think it was an act.) Here are some of the pictures he's sent me. Gotta love the iPhone... or hate it since it was warm and sunny there all week and I was walking Emma in below freezing temps. Hm...
I was getting worried that there wasn't any serious business going on...
but the ASDA News shows that he actually was in meetings.
 As for me, there hasn't been to much fun stuff going on. Just working and doing house stuff. (Yes, I'm getting jealous of all the fun trips Amit gets to go on. Think I just might have to tag along next time. I'm on dog duty this weekend. Emma's been a little depressed without her daddy, so all she's done is cuddle with me. This is what I looked at all weekend:
As for an update on Emma. We think she's a year old now. We calculated her approximate birthday to be in February, so that's when we're celebrating it. She's a chewing fiend. We can't have any stuffed toys, they only last about an hour. It's a total ripoff having a crazy chewer, all the heavy duty toys are way expensive. Thank goodness she's easily amused by tennis balls, too. We take her hiking every weekend, which is her favorite thing to do and great exercise for us.
After two days of destroying her stuffed toys, check out our floor!
She watches TV. Here are a couple videos of her watching the Puppy Bowl.

Now that temps are getting to the 40's, spring seems to finally be coming. I'm getting excited to do some more fun projects. We need to finish and paint our bookcases and I am looking forward to making some container gardens for our backyard. It doesn't hurt that hiking will be a lot more enjoyable when its not in the single digits!

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