Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maple Syrup Season

Last year we really wanted to go see how maple syrup is made, but we missed the season. This year, Seth and Kirsten invited us to a breakfast at Drumlin Farm, where we could learn all about how to make syrup from sap and then enjoy some delicious food. The demonstrations at the sugar shack were very interesting and the breakfast that followed was delicious! It was made entirely of products from the farm and you could tell! We're definitely going to have to start being localvores.
Homemade sausage, potatoes, and pancakes drenched in their very own maple syrup.
 It had been a while since we hung out (thank you clinic and tests), so they came back to our place and we played Dicecapades. It was so much fun and so crazy. I love it! Any game that requires you to have 100 some dice and use them to do some crazy tasks. Guess who won? I did!!
 We can't leave out Emma. She had to be all up in our space the whole time. She's too funny!
It was a very fun day and it was great to check off another thing on our list of New England things to do.

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