Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beautiful Burlington

Now that we're filling out the application and choose residency sites, the end of dental school is getting that much closer. Last Friday we decided that we hadn't had enough time in the car and drove up to Burlington, VT to check out the residency site up there. While Amit was visiting the community health center, Emma and I went for a walk along Lake Champlain. It was beautiful! We ended up walking about 5.5 miles and enjoyed the sun and the view.
Views of Lake Champlain
During our nice, long walk I learned a few things about Emma. She hates people on rollerblades. Something about the long steps they take and the way they swing their arms freaks her out. Second - she does not have any desire to go near the lake. Doesn't she know that she's part  Lab and that Labs love water? I'm thinking we'll need to go to doggy therapy. Third - She's not too sure about wood bridges. She walked so close to me over the bridges that I thought she would push me over. She's hilarious!! She did enjoy seeing all the dogs that were out walking, though.
I took these when we got back in the car.
She's not smiling in the first one - her panting was out of control! 
She slept the entire drive home.
She wasn't too happy that we were talking to her.
All of Vermont was beautiful. It is definitely where we see ourselves settling, it'll just be a matter of when. Amit really enjoyed meeting with the people at the residency site, too. It's time to start praying that they pick him, too!!

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