Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mount Osceola

I guess you could say that this has been the summer of summits. On Saturday we hiked up Mount Osceola, which is in the White Mountains. It is 4300 feet tall though we ended up climbing 2500 feet up from where we parked and hiked for about 6.5 miles to get to the top and back. It was a hot, beautiful summer day and we met up with Derrick, Mel, and Annie so we would have some other two-legged company. Did I mention that it was a beautiful day? Yep, that's right, visibility was MUCH better than this hike.
So far so good!
Annie even managed to fall asleep while we were hiking,
at least until Derrick almost tripped, yelled, and woke her up.
Finally at the summit!!
Annie was excited to get out and explore - too cute!
 Emma and Amit loved exploring, too!
Family photo time!
Derrick and Amit
Amit taught him his "summit" pose.
The Call Family
It was a beautiful view!
I had to use our tripod to sneak in a group shot!
I went a little photo crazy,
but with such an adorable subject,
how could I not?
It was such a great hike,
do we look like we're having fun?
It was an awesome hike, though I'm hoping one of the next ones we do involves some waterfalls that we can play in! Emma pulled the entire time; I'm not quite sure where she found the energy. She's passed out on the kitchen floor right now. Looks like it caught up to her, but she'll be ready to go for our next one!

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