Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 4th!

Now on to the real reason for going back to Chicago... Family, food, fun, and fireworks! It was a beautiful day for a cookout. After spending some time in the pool, eating some great food, and hanging out with everyone, it was on to fireworks...
Our fabulous host
Uncle Bruce aka Uncle Sam
Inspecting the fireworks...
 Finally the action - 

 And of course we had to take some pictures before it got too dark.
 We're getting there...
 I guess we'll have to take this one!
 Cousins - minus Nate who wanted to try to blow his hand off.
We had so much fun at the BBQ. It was great seeing everyone and we had a fabulous time. Hopefully the next few months go by quickly, we can't wait to party on Christmas Eve!!

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