Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living the Single Life

That's how we've been living during the past month. Amit is up in Keene, NH for his externship while I'm home with Emma. I figured that I should share a little of how it's been being separated again.

Amit is having a great time. He loves working with the patients and staff. He has been able to get some good OS (oral surgery) experience and gets to do the occasional extraction. He pulled 5 or 6 teeth from one patient that he told me about. How awesome is that? He loves being around people who love being outdoors as much as we do. We're going to have a great time when we end up moving north of Boston. His preceptor is an avid cyclist, so Amit has been able to go on a lot of bike rides. Thankfully he sends me pictures when he does.
It is quite beautiful up there. Emma and I don't have quite the same view. We are enjoying our girls-only bonding time. She "helps" me to do all my exercises in the morning and enjoys cuddling while watching TV.

The house is very quiet without Amit, which isn't always a good thing. We're both very happy when we pick him up on Fridays. He isn't done with his externship until the end of September, so we have a month more of commuting to NH on weekends. Emma is a big help, but I'll be glad when the driving is over.

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