Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow, I can't believe I've around for a quarter-century. I'm not freaking out about getting older, but 25 seems so much older than 24. I think it's mostly because of all the changes that will be happening over the next 12 months: interviews for and finding out about our residency placement, a new baby joining the group (NOT ours but we're super excited anyways), Amit's 25th birthday, his graduation weekend extravaganza (to which everyone is invited, of course), moving to a new state (hopefully), and right before my 26th birthday, starting my student teaching. Wow. Guess I should have enjoyed my calm 24th year of life a little more, 25 is going to bring craziness! I like a little excitement though.

So back to my birthday weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner in the North End with friends. It was delicious and the sangria was fantastic. Of course I forgot my camera. Bummer. At least we got a table on the rooftop. It was great weather! On Saturday, Mel and Kirsten came over and we did a little crafting. I'm not finished with my fall wreath yet, so you will all just have to wait for a picture. Then there was Sunday. Since the rest of the weekend was crazy, we had a very relaxing Sunday at home. I did have my camera and captured the highlights of the day. The food.

Amit made me Vanilla French Toast for breakfast.
It was delicious. 
Note the pathetic-looking dog in the background. I didn't share.
 Lunch was the highlight of the day.
Portillo's Italian Beef shipped to us from Dad. 
It was great to have a little bit of home with us on my birthday.

Rolls + Beef + Giardiniera = AWESOMENESS

So ridiculously good!! 
It was like we were actually eating at Portillo's!!!

I still am eating leftovers and it's still so good! There really is nothing like good-old Chicago food. Boston has nothing on my Chicago Italian Beef. Thanks so much to Dad and Grace for sending it! I loved it!!


  1. Glad you had a good and what appears to be delicious bday!!
    I LOVE crafting!!!!!!! I have lots of fun craft things to contribute to a craft night :)

  2. Oh boy!! Amit is not going to like hearing that. ;-) He thinks I have enough crazy craft ideas.