Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Latest Move

Right now, I'm enjoying a little vacation back home, before I head east to unpack a few more boxes and then go to class.
We have no more furniture in Boston, 
so we made Emma a bed out of an old sleeping bag...
She loves it!

We successfully moved into our new place in Webster. On the 8th, while I was at work, Amit and the movers packed the truck. I came back home, grabbed Emma, and hit the road! Dad met us in Webster and the three of us became moving machines!

My Navigator
Webster is 6 hours west of MA.
Emma slept in the weirdest positions throughout the ride.
I wonder what she is thinking...

We spent a little time on Friday night unloading the truck. Saturday we unloaded/unpacked/put things away literally all day.
Emma loves the landing.
(She's just super tired in this picture.)
This is her other spot.
She can get a tan and supervise the deck, at the same time!

It was one very busy weekend, but it was nice to have the townhouse all ready for Dr. Patel! He's started orientation on Friday and will be back with patients in no time!

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