Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Patels go Primal

So I totally had this post nearly ready to go before this weekend and kept meaning to add a few more pictures, so I could blog before we moved this past weekend. Despite my good intentions, it obviously didn't happen. So, here is my post, a few days late. We're home from NY and all moved in - one big moving post coming up! Now - back to the Primal topic...

What do I mean by Primal? No, we're not becoming cavemen (those jokes get old, fast), we're basically changing the way we eat. We've cut out the added sugar, processed foods, and grains. Being Primal means we're spending more time in the kitchen, but so far it's been a delicious adventure!

Here is what we've been making:
Leftover burgers, avocado salad
Our absolute favorite - pesto chicken
with sweet potato "chips"
Tacos in lettuce "shells"
Kale Chips
They are AMAZING!

We feel fantastic eating this way and love the other aspects of the program: get plenty of sleep, move slowly (i.e. hiking), and take time to play! We are energized and ready to eat locally in NY, while we go on hiking adventures in our new home state! (Although, as we get closer to being home, I am getting a little excited to follow the 80/20 rule. 80 percent primal, 20 percent of other treats - I'm thinking deep dish pizza and Italian beef!) 

Time to go back to being primal. My last day of school is the 15th. Then it's on to Pensacola and back to Schaumburg. We didn't eat that well this weekend and I can definitely feel the difference. I better get back to normal so we can get ready for all that fun!

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  1. Ooh, I want to try the pesto chicken! Yum!