Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sewing Break

After one very busy semester, I could hear the sewing machine calling me back. I have so missed my crafting! I keep pinning all of these different sewing projects to my Pinterest boards and needed to actually make one (or two) of them. After much debate, I decided to sew some baby circle skirts and baby blocks. I thought the skirts were so adorable, but the blocks would be a good practice project for me (sewing straight lines can be hard)!

It took me about four hours to make the first circle skirt, but after I started getting used to the elastic, the others didn't seem so bad!
Such a fun skirt!

Isn't she helpful?

The baby blocks were fun.
I followed the tutorial and it actually worked!
(Ignore the slightly mismatched corners.)

I am so proud of how my projects turned out!! I might actually be good at this sewing thing after all (that would be crazy)! Tomorrow we leave for Pensacola by way of Chicago (to drop off Emma), then it is time for some more sewing and crafts (this time with family), and then a long weekend back in Rochester with Amit.

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