Monday, August 20, 2012

Our DIY'ed Craft Table

We just got our latest issue of Family Handyman, one of the highlights of our month. Inside, they had an article about a shop table that looked rather easy. Amit showed me the plans (one of the rare times he's seen the magazine before I have) and I knew exactly what to do! We have a big, finished basement, that we've designated our workout/craft room. (It will be a great way to avoid having craft projects sitting on our kitchen table.) While we have the space, I don't have a table down there yet, so we knew this would work!

We used this workbench as our inspiration, skipping the drawer and bottom shelf since I wanted to be able to sit at the table. After sketching out our FH-inspired plans, we set out to pick up our supplies and get started!

Our supplies:
Then I painted and painted...
(Right next to Summer Project #2,
post to come soon!)
After making the legs out of 2x4s 
and adding trim to the table top, 
we were almost done!
(Oops... Looks like you're getting even more of a sneak peak of project #2)
Caution, wet paint!
(Which managed to get all over me and in my hair.)

In the basement and ready for some crafting!

I'm so proud of our table! It looks great and I can't wait to make some projects on it. We're planning on making a second table, so that they can go side-by-side to make a long counter top or back-to-back to create a larger work surface. We'll make sure to post pictures when the second one is complete, but I'm already planning some other painting projects around the house, so who knows which one will be complete first... 

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