Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rochester Eats

We've manged to find some fantastic places to eat in Rochester, so we were so excited to have someone to share them with! Ron and Mom's visit was the perfect excuse to go to our favorite restaurants. Some of the meals were even primal!

We live right down the street from The Beale and on Friday nights they have a fantastic fish fry. Ron is known for loving a good fish fry, so we took them to the other location downtown for dinner.
We ordered the fried pickles and 
mud bugs (crawfish tails) for an appetizer.
They were great!
Our fish!
(And Amit's pulled pork)

On Saturday, during our tour of some Seneca Lake wineries, we stopped by the Garlic Fest at Fox Run Vineyards.
Garlic Italian Sausage and Garlic Fries.
It was delicious!

If that didn't make us full enough, we dragged Mom and Ron to our favorite Rochester restaurant - Dinosaur BBQ
My Big A** Pork Plate!
A delicious dessert - 
Raspberry and Sweet Potato Pecan Pie!
We headed to the Erie Canal for lunch after church on Sunday. We had great view of the canal and some excellent Greek food! It was a great end to our weekend!
The perfect Sunday lunch!

All this writing about food is making me hungry again. Guess we need someone else to visit us!

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