Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick NY Update

It feels like it has been forever since I posted an update... Oh wait, it has! Almost a month. Sorry! My summer semester is officially over, except for the one last paper I need to write. Since I don't feel like writing a big, long, reflective paper right now, I figured I would blog real quick.

We're really enjoying Rochester! Amit is keeping very busy with work and is still learning lots of new stuff. I'm keeping busy with school, but I'm so ready to have the next few weeks off before I start my student teaching.

Here are a few photos that we've taken over the last couple of weeks...

Emma has definitely made herself comfortable in the new place.

"Uh, Mom... Did you know there are squirrels outside??"

Besides that, not much has been happening with us. I have a feeling pictures of teeth and my laptop would not be fun. Thank goodness we had plenty of fun last weekend to blog about! Time to type my paper... then write about our adventures in the Finger Lakes!

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