Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Friends For Life

Wow, I think I'm getting a little cheesy in my old(er) age. I could write for hours, even days, about how much I love the guys. Don't worry, I won't, since that would be a ridiculously long post. The best part about this Christmas trip was all of us being back together. We hit up all our old stomping grounds and spoiled ourselves with a week full of hanging out, just like the good old days. We're like one big old family and are blessed that none of us have ever found anything that can even come close to being the same as what we have back in Schaumburg. I love that it doesn't matter how busy we all are in our new lives; when we get back together we just pick up where we left off. I love them! I didn't take too many pictures, just enjoyed the stories and fun. We enjoyed old habits, like nachoramas and football, and made some new traditions, going to Old Town Pizza to celebrate Christmas Eve afternoon with one another.
The boys love to play pool. 
I'm so lucky to have Maggie to talk with while they all play. 
It is so much more fun now that I'm not the only girl!!

 I loved going to get the Nachorama with the boys in HS.
Its so fun to eat while listening to all their crazy stories.
It was just like the old days when we went over Christmas. 
We miss having a Buffalo Wild Wings close by, 
so we went with the guys to watch the Blackhawks game.
So much good food!!
It was so great to hang out with them. We really miss having everyone close to each other, but I guess that just means we'll get to travel and visit each other. Next stop: Maggie and Jeremy in Pensacola. It sounds much nicer (and warmer) than everyone coming to Boston.

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