Tuesday, January 4, 2011


... in a Winter Wonderland. Well, it was a snowy wonderland until the temperature hit the 50's. Then our walks were more of a slushy, muddy mess.

Every morning (depending on how late we were out the night before, it would be 8am or 11) we'd take the dogs out for a walk. They loved it, it was one of the few times they'd calm down and leave each other alone. They were too cute that I had to bring my camera and get a few pictures. Sometimes they'd even walk so close that they'd bump into each other. They looked adorable!

 Emma liked to walk through the snow, stick her head all the way in it and then pop back up. I don't know if she was smelling something, trying to get her collar off, or just being crazy, but it was hilarious!! I wasn't fast enough to get a video of it, but you can see the snow in this picture.

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