Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go Play

I read this article from the NY Times the other day. So much of our kids play at school revolves around what they've seen on TV that it is super exciting when they come up with stuff that is totally made up all on their own (like the hilarious restaurant Restopoloco that they created a few weeks ago). I think its time we all leave our kids to their own creativity. Turn off the TV, let them play with stuff around the house all on their own, no prompting from us adults, and enjoy the amazing imagination that little kids have. I would play with Mom's thimbles for hours, pretending they were people and what not. Though I love to watch TV as much as the next person, we really need to turn it off and start being creative. Enjoy the article and let's hope that it continues to gain momentum!

The Movement to Restore Child's Play Gains Momentum

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