Sunday, April 15, 2012

Couples Night Out

It has been way too long since we went out as a group, usually we just hang out at each other's houses for dinner. Since we're now super close to graduation, we decided to celebrate the boys by treating ourselves to  dinner at a "fancy" restaurant. On Friday night, we got all dressed up, drove downtown, and headed to the Top of the Hub for some delicious food and conversation! Seth's mom was in town for a crown, so she tagged along!

Our best photo after dinner.
Thanks Mrs. Caldon for taking it!

 This is what happens when you try to take a "nice" picture
of four boys late at night.
(Fuzzy because I'm laughing too much!)
Finally a reasonable picture!
(Though it's probably the one least like them!)

We had such a great time at dinner. The food was fantastic and the fellowship was just as great!! It's definitely sad that we'll all be heading in our separate directions, but thankfully these guys have made some great memories over the past four years. We will definitely need to plan some reunion get-togethers!

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