Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grand Canyon (of the East)

On Saturday, Ron and Mom took us to Letchworth State Park to do a little hiking and see some more waterfalls. (I am a bit obsessed with waterfalls when hiking, just ask Amit. He gets annoyed.) Letchworth is south of both Rochester and Buffalo, but isn't too bad of a drive from either place! I can't wait to bring Emma! She'll love it, except for the sound of crashing water (she's a bit of a scaredy cat, when it comes to water).

We started out by exploring the Upper Falls. There was a nice path that went along and then past the falls. The path allowed for some really great pictures!

The Upper Falls

We actually skipped the Middle Falls to get to the Lower Falls. (Who's willing to come out and explore the middle with us???) Then we had a big decision to make...

Why would we do any route other than one involving stairs? So after walking down those 127 stairs, we were able to see the Lower Falls.

 After crossing the footbridge, we got even more great views of the park. There are so many places to explore here!!
 I spy Nathan!

We loved Letchworth! We had such a great time and it looks like we'll be able to find more difficult hikes throughout the park. It was a great ending to a fun weekend with the family. The best thing about Rochester will definitely be the chance to do more quick weekend trips to meet up with everyone and explore NY!

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