Monday, October 29, 2012

Meeting Halfway

It's been three weeks since I was back in NY to spend some quality time with Amit. It just so happened that Kirsten's baby shower was in Albany on Saturday. Since Albany is basically the halfway point between Rochester and Boston, we decided to spend the weekend hiking and hanging out there. Thanks to Sandy - today has given me one completed lesson plan and a finished blog post!

On Friday night, we ate dinner at Athos. Everyone knows how much Amit loves Greek food and man, did this place deliver! Our dinner was fantastic - we highly recommend this place. On top of the delicious food, we managed to be there for their weekly live Greek band. Amit was in heaven. Thankfully, we were planning to walk off all that delicious (and very Primal) food on Saturday. We drove to Thacher Park and had a great time exploring.

Don't forget - if you click on the picture, you can see a bigger version!

We had no idea what to expect from this...
...but the colors looked good!
Hiking along the cliffs made for some really great photos...
We were just walking along and found...
Since we hadn't really researched the park and had no idea what to expect,
we were excited!
We kept hiking and found another one!
 We did a little exploring...
Then climbed up and looked at the view from above the waterfalls.

The morning hike was great! Our weekend hikes together are the one thing I miss the most. We missed having Emma with us, but she probably would have freaked out if she had to walk that close to falling water. Maybe one day we'll bring her back there.
I had a fun time at the shower. 
Kirsten was glowing! 
We're all very excited to meet this little guy!

After the shower, I met up with Amit.
The only thing more annoying than a 5 year-old begging for a balloon animal?
A 25 year-old asking when the balloon guy would stop at our table.
Thankfully he did.
(I think he knocked a glass over after this picture... Luckily, it was empty.)

It was a great Saturday in Albany. Next up, a trip to the Catskills!

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