Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Hiking in Hudson

So part 2 of our weekend consisted of more hiking and this time, more waterfalls! On Saturday afternoon we did more hiking and managed to visit two more sports in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Our first stop was to try and see Bridal Veil Falls.
We were a little off and didn't see the falls, 
but we got some great pictures of the gorge.

Amit had some issues staying on his feet after lunch.

Check out the evidence.

Next we headed to Brandywine Falls.
The falls were beautiful and so were the trees!

Our last photos before Mom's camera died.
Going for a walk on the Rail Trail.

Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. It was a beautiful weekend and we had so much fun hanging out with Ron and Mom. Hudson is just over 4 hours from Rochester, so it's the perfect place to meet up for a long weekend full of hiking. Hopefully we'll be able to spend a lot more weekends there! We're so glad that Ron and Mom found this place - we still have so much more of the park to explore!

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