Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nate the Great

Happy Birthday Nathan!
I can't believe that my little brother turned 20 today. For some reason, him being twenty seems so much older than nineteen. Weird. I figure his birthday is a great excuse for me to blog about how much I love having a little (I guess now a big?) brother.

Super excited to have a baby brother!!
It looks like he loved me, too!!
He's probably not going to like this one, 
but he can blame Dad for giving me the photo! 
Check out this cutie!!
I think this was a sign of the charisma to come...
He isn't just charismatic, he's funny!
Somehow, suddenly, all of these years went by... He wasn't the cute, cuddly little guy that loved playing with his big sister. He was independent, didn't want any hugs from me, and was no longer running back and forth in front of the TV while mimicking the sporting event he was watching. Thank goodness that phase didn't last too long, because even though he was older, he actually wanted to hang out with me!! (It looks like it might have been because Amit was around... but I think I'll hold out hope that it was just because he loved his big sis.)

He is such a nice guy...
he always was there to cheer me on!
I blinked and all of a sudden he was a high schooler.
Here we are at Turnabout.
Me the senior, him the freshman. Yikes!
Have I mentioned his amazing athleticism???
He's an awesome runner. I'm not biased either,
the trophies say it all.
He celebrated his team winning 3rd at State.
He was an integral part of that, both physically and as a team leader!

I'll save you the pain of seeing running photo after running photo... It is his life. We also can have fun hanging out somewhere other than a cross-country meet.

He always keeps our family vacations fun...
and puts up with my picture-taking obsession.
Only Nate would run, shirtless, 
on 5 feet of snow while at Mt. Rainier.

He really loves his doggy, too.
Nate is the only person that Max would actually 
be willing to share the couch with.
He's not only good at running...
He can manage to run through water and jump over hurdles, too!
Watching him run the steeplechase is so fun!!
He kicked butt this fall at Nationals, too!!
I told you he's amazing!

I love my little bro,
even when he tries to ruin a perfectly good photo!
So this totally turned into a birthday brag blog, but I think that's okay. He totally deserves it! He still has many more years of adventure and accomplishments ahead of him. I can't wait to see what he does by his next birthday! 

Happy Birthday Nathan!
Hope you're excited for your birthday celebration weekend!
We Love You!!!

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