Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pizza Pizza!

Amit is back home, trying to get back into his school routine. Luckily we've managed to ease him back into it. A few walks, some home-cooked food, and one afternoon off is about all it took. Today we walked to the beach, kicked a ball around with Seth, and then ran back home. We finished tonight off with a blizzard run! I am so, so glad that it is now officially spring. Dairy Queen season has finally come upon us!! Woo-hoo!! Even with all that fun, you would think Amit would be willing to get back in the groove. If only he would stop watching "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and focus on his computer screen I think he'd find it that much easier...

So back to the real reason for this post. I feel like bragging tonight. :-)  Last night, I made my first attempt at homemade pizza. It turned out way better than I had ever planned!
It was a great way to get Amit to eat tomatoes!

We spend our walks talking, 
but enjoy watching Top Gear while eating...
It is one of our favorite shows,
you have to check it out!
I am becoming quite the cook, well, more of a semi-homemade style cook. I love shortcuts. I must have done a good job with the pizza, because Amit just told me tonight that we should make the pizza more often. Woo-hoo!