Sunday, March 21, 2010

When the boy is away...

... the girl will play! 

Well, I don't know if play is really the right word. While Amit is spending his time at the ASDA National Conference in Baltimore, I'm at home in Quincy, finding ways to fill my time. Besides work, I've been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather. Since it feels like spring is finally here, I decided to start spring cleaning. Our closets are in desperate need of some Martha-like organization.

Besides that fun stuff, which aren't really blog worthy, I've done some other fun things.

Did you fill out your census form yet?
I did... After 8 months I still get excited when 
I have to fill out my part of a form under husband/wife!
The weather has been beautiful here, too.
Great running/walking weather!
Thursday night I babysat for our three favorite kids, all by myself! John and Tamsen went out for a much needed date night, and I settled in for a fun movie night with the kids. Aiden (5) and Abby (almost 3) were so good for me, even when Ben was getting impatient waiting for his bottle to warm up. It was so much fun, I knew I wanted to hang out with the older two again. So I did! (I kind of inserted myself into the Keyes family during the week, but playing with the kids is way more fun than cleaning a lonely apartment.)

So Friday we decided to do some baking. A funny thing happened when making our cookies, though. Aiden was cracking the eggs (and did a very good job), but cracked one more on the table than in the bowl. So we got distracted... and only added 3 eggs instead of the 6 we were supposed to. Oh well, they were still good. I can't wait to try it with all 6 eggs added!
Yummy Monster Cookies
Look at how warm it was!!
Don't worry, I took this picture at a stoplight.
On Saturday afternoon, a group of us headed to another classmate's for a Meet Baby Ben party. The star of the party was wearing the onesie I appliqued for him!! It was super cute (and stitched on by Tamsen). He's such a chunky baby. He's almost 3 months and wearing a 6-9 month onesie. I think its okay though, I love chubby babies!
Amit got back from Baltimore today. We went out for dinner at Lime Leaf in Weymouth. We had a gift certificate from, love Thai food, and needed to have a date night. Perfect combination! It was fantastic!! It is so good to have him home!

Check out ASDA's blog, Mouthing Off, to see our favorite dental student! A free toothbrush would win anyone over, well, any dental student for sure.

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