Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nate's B-day Weekend - Part 2

On Sunday, we treated ourselves to a morning of sleeping in and a waffle breakfast! (They are our favorite "special" breakfast, so of course we had to treat our guests to some.)

We decided that a trip to another coast was in order. Rockport is one of our favorite places to visit in Mass, it was our first sight-seeing destination after the wedding. We knew that they would love both the scenery and all of the cool stores. Nate had driven through there with us before, but hadn't enjoyed the fun that we enjoy going into every little shop. Let's just say that Nate and Melanie did their best to stimulate our local economy. Oh yeah, and we also took a ton more pictures!
Motif No. 1
 I think Nate and Mel really enjoyed all the food we ate...
We posed for some pictures on Bearskin Neck.
Gotta love the ocean as a background!
After our snack break, we wandered around Rockport and visited the wonderful shops there. Highlights included buying food at Lula's Pantry, buying Mom earrings at a jeweler, and Nate finding an old book about learning to speak French (written completely in French). We stopped for a bit near a beach, so we could enjoy the scenery and take a few more shots of the four of us. 
Seriously, I love my tripod!
 Butt shot!
(It was meant to be us looking out over the water)
Then some nice ladies offered to take our picture,
they thought we looked so cute leaning over the railing.
(I think we did, too!)
Another reason that Amit likes it so much in Rockport, is this one house. It overlooks the water and has a beautiful porch. It's our dream house. Melanie took a picture of it for us!
After enjoying our afternoon in Rockport, we headed downtown, but this time to drive around the Harvard and Charles River area. We saw BU main campus, some of Harvard, and walked along the Charles River. All of this before heading to dinner back in Quincy.

Though it was a short visit, we had tons of fun and it was so nice to hang out with family! I think we convinced at least one of them that New England has way more to offer than Chicago. Slowly but surely we are going to convince them to move here! Maybe. One thing is for sure, we are becoming the vacation destination for everyone. That is a great thing, because we definitely have missed hanging out with them!

So Happy Birthday Nate, hope you (and Melanie) enjoyed spending some quality time with your favorite New Englanders!

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