Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best App Ever!

This is so ridiculously exciting!! Today I got a random envelope in the mail from Dad. I open it and just guess what I found out? The best book ever written has an iPhone app! Shut up!!! I love it!!!! (Guess what makes it better - he sent me the voucher so I could download it for free!)

This is my favorite book. Ever. Dad used to read it to me and it is hilarious! I can't believe that they turned it into an app! And it isn't just a book, you get to take apart the string, and the wood, and break the brick wall. Awesome!! Amit was fighting me over who got to touch the string. Looks like this will be the app that breaks my no technology for the kids rule! (At least when Grandpa isn't around to read the story.)

Thanks for sending this, Dad!!! Looks like I have a new app to play with - forget games, this is so much better! Here's the teacher side of me coming out: they even have a button to press in the corner of certain pages, so you can start discussions with your kids based on the book. AWESOME!!

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