Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Highlights

Time for a photo recap:
My decoupaged pumpkins in their new home.

My birthday present finally arrived.
(Photo by yours truly, on the summit of Mt. Osceola)

I am totally addicted to Pinterest.
It is genius! Right now I'm designing my future home.
And finding a bazillion new projects.
Oh yeah, and trying new recipes, like this one.

We bought a fire pit.
Mass law requires you to have food cooking on it, 
so our new weekly dessert is a s'more.
I love sitting back, sipping cider, and having long talks with Amit.

We bought Emma a present for her adoption anniversary.
It's FULL of squeakers! 
Oh, and did I mention how HUGE it is? 
It's like a life-size Emma stuffed animal!
 The highlight is definitely the fire pit. Now we just need to make our own outdoor couch to curl up on while we talk by the fire. Does that seem too ambitious?

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