Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cousin Craft Day

Most of the crafts that I've done back home were done only with Mom, but Lauren has been begging for a craft day ever since I started posting my latest projects (which also happen to be my most fun). Since most of the girls were either still in school or had plans, we kept the project simple. I had done the floor shine ornaments before, so we brought all of our supplies to Tricia's and got crafting!

Some of our glittered ornaments.

Then we started to get creative.
I had seen painted ornaments, created by pouring paint into and draining it out of the ornament.
Major fail.
Instead, we started to mix random things with the floor shine. 
Paint + Floor shine = Success!
Clear Tacky Glue + Floor shine + Beads = Awesomeness!
We also mixed different colors of glitter.
The same girls who were bad at crafts were suddenly super creative!

Of course I can't forget the other reason we had craft day.
We had to meet Eli, the newest four-legged addition to the family.
I love him!

Our cousin craft day was a huge success! I'm so glad the girls were up for it! I had such a great time hanging out (as always) and I cannot wait to plan our next one. I'm thinking something HUGE for our summer project. Time to start brainstorming!

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