Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Annual Photo Shoot Outtakes

If you've seen our Facebook profile pictures, you've had a teaser of our this year's annual photo shoot. We had a beautiful day to take pictures, but with Emma, there are always more outtakes than perfect shots. The funny thing is, those outtakes tend to be my favorite shots, and I've started including one outtake on every Christmas card. We really aren't a perfectly-posed kind of family, we definitely have personality. Ready for some laughs?

Action Shots
AKA - "The Humans Look Ridiculous"
Emma says, "Let's go HIKING!"
(In the middle of trying to pose, btw.)
The pictures in the woods didn't turn out, 
but we bribed Emma to sit.
The humans know how to look at a camera.
This shot wasn't too bad, 
even Emma got in on the posing!
"What was that?"
Are we boring you, Emma?
I think she's done with the photo shoot.
She'd rather rest her head on my shoulder than take another picture.

We had a great time taking the pictures... and then looking at all of them! Hope you enjoyed our outtakes!

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