Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in NY

We're back home for the holidays! Since we're going to be super busy this week seeing family and friends, I figured I should post my current Christmas decorations for you to enjoy! Here's what we've been enjoying in NY:

The tree is up and decorated!
(Except for a tree skirt, which I still need to create.)

My nativity scene is safely displayed and nearly complete!
(Max likes to eat baby Jesus and the shepherds, 
so I'm not risking that with Emma.)
All of my snowmen and Christmas decorations are on display.
Emma was very excited for our newest snowman.
Our favorite new decorations are up in our entryway.
(Emma is clearly not impressed.)
Amit put our little tree in the hallway.
I love our sparkly teeth ornaments!
This makes me laugh...
Amit's mini-me has his own mini tree!
And the official pictures of my latest creations.
I LOVE how the pine cones look in my Crate and Barrel bowl!
My cookie cutter wreath looks great!
I'm just praying it doesn't fall apart (again).
So those are the highlights of this year's Christmas decor. I love having enough space to display all of my creations! Maybe we'll have enough time during this visit to make a few more?

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