Monday, December 10, 2012

My Last Crafts in Massachusetts

It's so weird to look at that title and think that at the end of the week, I will be on the road, heading back to Rochester for the last time. While I've missed Amit, I'm going to miss my school and my friends here so much! (Not going to miss the ridiculously long lesson plans, though.) So, in honor of my last week in Massachusetts, here are my absolute favorite crafts from this semester, just in time for the holidays!

So I seriously don't know how I would come up with craft inspiration, if it wasn't for Pinterest. I found some great fall projects, which actually turned out great. It's been a while since I've  made any big Christmas decor items, so I thought I'd finish my MA crafting career with a bang!

Melissa has a mantle that she decorates every year, so she wanted to make some fun, glittered canvas art for it. I don't have a mantle (yet), but I loved the inspiration project she found - Glitter Reindeer. It just seemed so fun and I knew I could fit it in somewhere.

Our Stencils -
Ready for glue and glitter!

So while browsing Pinterest for other ideas, I found a few different pieces of canvas art that I really liked. This Confetti Art is based on Kate Spade's dishes, but I loved the idea of gold circles all over my sign. I also loved this light-up sign, but only for the phrase "Merry and Bright" and the idea that I could make it look like snow was falling. So I blended the two ideas and came up with this one:
All lined up and ready for glue!

My two glitter masterpieces waiting to be hung!
(Ignore the mess of glitter - that's what happens when they travel six hours protected by plastic.)

Yesterday was my last craft day with Melissa. I'm going to miss our craft days so much! It just looks like I'll need to come back for some more! We had two big projects to do. First, I found a new wreath idea to try and then we found an awesome way to use up all of the extra pine cones in her backyard!

We decided to try our hand at a cookie cutter wreath.
I think I changed my arrangement a million times, just to get it right.
The gingham bow just makes the wreath!

Once our wreaths were done, 
it was time for some pine cones!
We covered them in crystal filler and glitter.
We made  a lot of pine cones...
Sparkly pine cones!
Waiting to be safely packed to go to NY.
(I can't wait to see them on display!)
They look like they're covered in snow and ice.

I love how my Christmas crafts turned out! Our craft days have kept me sane this semester. I'm now four days away from being in NY, for good! Just in time, too. I am dying to put these pieces up around the house!

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