Friday, December 28, 2012


Nine years?! Even though it feels like we've been together for ever, it is a little crazy to think that we have been a couple for nine years already. Where does the time go? In the past nine years, we've moved multiple times within three states. We've graduated from high school, college, and graduate/dental school. No wonder time has gone by so quickly, we've been busy! Since we've spent this past semester apart and haven't really had time to celebrate an anniversary with anything more than dinner for a while, we thought we'd take a day just for ourselves.

We were actually home for our anniversary this year, but since everyone was still in school, it gave us time to go downtown for a real date. (What are those?) We spent the morning at the Shedd Aquarium and then had lunch at Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill. His food always looks delicious and I love his television shows. We never went there while we lived in Chicago, so Amit didn't really have a choice about this anniversary dinner.

Watching the Beluga check-ups and feeding.
See the little one off to the left?
That's the baby beluga!

Watching all that sea life made us hungry.
The guacamole was fantastic.
We ordered margaritas.
Mine was blood orange. Delicious!
Amit's dish was the mole trio.
I ordered the mahi-mahi in apricot mole.
The food was amazing!

The other highlight of our anniversary in Chicago? Spending our evening with these guys, right back where it all began. I wonder how we'll top this for our tenth?

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