Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Meal Ever

So I'm not going to say that Boston doesn't have great food. It does. We love all the fresh seafood options out here and there is an abundance of Chili's, which makes me happy. But there are certain foods that Boston doesn't have, that can never be replaced. One of which is Portillo's, which on last Thursday, was the site of our best meal ever!!
The table looked like this...
I didn't even get Amit's italian sausage in the photo!
We've been craving Portillo's for months now. On Thursday we landed, were picked up at the airport by Ron, grabbed Mom from home, and headed straight for Portillo's. It seemed like we almost ran to the counter. Of course, Amit and I had already planned out what we were going to order (there is no such thing as sharing a Portillo's meal), so we tried to get Ron and Mom to hurry up and decide. Once we got our food, there was no more small talk. We savored each and every bite, until there was nothing left. (Yes, I was nice and spared you from pictures of shoveling food in our faces!)

It was fantastic. It fed our souls. We knew we had to get some Portillo's, but we were surprised at just how much we missed it. If you are ever in Chicago or the surrounding burbs... You have to go to Portillo's, we highly recommend it. There is nothing quite like it.  

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