Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yay for Family Time

So we've been back in Boston for almost a week now. Our visit was great, we spent so much quality time with family. Family time is the biggest thing missing in Boston. It was a super busy visit, we bounced from family to family, house to house, got up early and stayed up late, ate and ate and ate. It was exhausting!! Maybe next time everyone can take turns coming out here and then we can just spend our time chilling on the beach??

It was really great to see our friends and family. I was bad though, I ended up forgetting my camera most of the time. Some fun memories that I didn't get photos of - Matt's basketball game, his dad freaking out at the fact that he spent 75% of the game on the floor, eating some fried alligator at lunch, sitting around and talking with the guys until 2 AM, and all of the delicious food we ate! I wasn't camera-less all the time though... These are some of the highlights from our trip, ones that I actually caught on camera.
Nate came home on Friday after practice...
showing off his National Championship tattoo that he got the night before.
I was so excited I grabbed my camera and took a picture!
I love spending time with my little brother...
I just wish he'd let me take a nice picture of us!
We miss my cousins when we're out here...
so there's nothing like Nate inspiring us all to spend a little time close together.
Poor Melanie got the brunt of the weight.
Oh, how I love my girls!!
If only Nate and Amit could take a nicer picture!
I think this is after a good 3 minutes of posing.

One of the biggest highlights of the trip...
Having fun on the homemade ice rink at my Uncle and Aunt's house!
The boys had a lot of fun.
One thing Amit learned on this trip... Backyard skating rinks are fun. He wants one. ;-)  It was a great trip and we had so much fun. We were sad to leave, but we needed to rest. I think we are finally fully recovered. Thanks everyone for the very fun times!

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