Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Beach Day

Yes, you read that correctly. We had a beach day... in December. Now, its not like we were out swimming or anything, we went with our very talented friend John (one of Amit's BU classmates) to take our Christmas photos. Now that everyone has seen our card, I'll share more pictures from our fun photo shoot.

Let me start by saying that we definitely procrastinated. We didn't decide on taking a Christmas photo until it was already cold... and windy... and super high tide. I think it made for even better photos, though. Thanks for getting the waves in, John!
We went and took some photos on the rocks.
This one is my personal favorite.
Yes we were cold... but we always have a good time together!
The cold was just an excuse to stand closer during photos...
We jumped over a giant puddle and dodged crashing waves 
to get to our next photo spot...
which turned out beautifully!
So we more pictures...
and enjoyed the view of the waves...
until they got a little too close for comfort.
We quickly jumped off the wall, the water was cold!
Getting back to the serious photos, 
the waves that day were HUGE!
We also took some photos in Hull, for a different setting. They turned out really nicely, even though it was the same day and not too far away, that area was sunny and very industrial. It was awesome!
I like the ones that John made black and white, too!
We had way too much fun doing this photo shoot!
All in all, it was a great day!! It would not have been possible without John's help. Thanks John!! I think we'll start volunteering to be photo shoot guinea pigs, it was a lot of fun. So give us a call if you want to practice your photography skills, we're up for it!

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