Thursday, January 7, 2010

One More Week!!!

Do we sound excited?? Well, we are! One week from today we'll be back in Chicago for a quick visit. It is the first time we've been back together since July. Needless to say there are a few things that we miss so much, that Boston will never be able to replace.


 Seriously, there is no food like Portillo's food. Amazing Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, Italian sausage, fries, fries with cheese, chocolate cake, and don't even get me started on the vanilla malts! We've found some awesome restaurants here in Boston, but none satisfy the way Portillo's does. Can you believe we've actually gone 6 months without eating Portillo's?? We can't, which is why that is the first stop on our list for Thursday. If only they'd build one out here, we're sure it'd be a huge hit!

 Lou Malnati's

Well, it doesn't even really need to be Lou's, Gino's East and Bacino's are really good too! Amit's not as big of a fan of deep dish as I am, but it is seriously the best pizza!! I think Boston has more Uno's around than we do back in Chicago, but it is hardly real deep dish. It definitely does not take the place of Lou's... Only one more week to wait!! 

Nachoramas at the Village

  I'm sure you're thinking, what is with the crazy food theme here? Chicago definitely has more to offer than just food, but can I help it if most of my favorite memories are surrounded by food? I guess it mainly stems from the fact that I was the only girl hanging out with a bunch of big, hungry guys all through high school. Let me tell you, hang out time while eating the nachorama could get crazy. It was always fun to listen to the guys tell the same stories (over and over and over) while we all ate yummy nachos. 

Game Night

  I love game nights. Not even just playing Monopoly or Scrabble, you have to pull out the crazy games like Snorta and Whoonu! Game nights have become a favorite tradition of ours, we looked forward to them when we were in undergrad and are looking forward to hanging out again next weekend. The best part of our Schaumburg game nights? The fact that they started off as calm, laid back nights, and end with us all going crazy and becoming super competitive. At least the yelling never seemed to keep my parents up too late. 

My Boys

  I love my boys, and yes, they are my boys! We'll always find new friends, but there is no way we'll ever find another group of guys like these guys. I was so lucky to be the first girl in the group and have so many fun memories with them. I'm looking forward to hearing them retell every story from their glory days... The boys laugh just as hard the 100th time as they did the first time they told it!

 I'm not even going to both finding a photo with everyone, it'll be impossible. I'm ready for some quality cousin time while playing video games, dinners out with my parents, and laying on the couch with Max. Boston is great, but it doesn't have family here... Guess everyone just has to relocate to the east!

The Dog

  So Amit just informed me that the only thing about Chicago that he really misses is Portillo's... Oh yeah, and the dog. I can't blame him for missing the dog, he loves Max so much he wants one of our own. You can't really go wrong with a 100 lb golden who thinks he's a lap dog, the man of the house, and is willing to eat anything you give him. We love Max and will definitely be spending a ton of time with him... I'm just not sure how much he's going to love us after his visit and all the hiking he did.


See Nate. See Nate Run.

  Last year was great... I made it to most of Nate's cross-country and track meets. After being there for all four years of his high school running career, it was exciting to watch him run in college! His races were usually the highlight of my week. He's so talented and until he moves out to Boston or we have a child who runs like he does, there is no replacement for Nate the runner. Last spring was awesome, it was his first time as a steepler. I loved it! This year has been a major adjustment, I'm so used to spending Saturdays at meets. Saturday when we're back in Chicago, we'll most definitely be at his meet! It will be the first time Amit will have seen Nate run in college. We're excited!!

So those are just a few of our favorite Chicago things. There are lots more, but that would be way too much to blog about. If only Chicago had the oceans and mountains... then we'd consider moving back there. We're becoming New Englanders already!

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