Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Perfect Day

We have been enjoying Amit's break from classes, he started back on his internship yesterday. On Tuesday we spent a fun day together doing some of our favorite things. Since there wasn't enough snow to go skiing, we decided to go for a hike in the nearby Blue Hills. Before we went hiking though, we had to make sure we had enough energy. What better way to fuel up for a big hike than to make waffles?
Amit got special waffle mix for Christmas, 
they were delicious! He's really good at making waffles.
The ground was frozen in spots, creating some interesting crystals
We went up and down and up and down...
It was a beautiful hike... with fantastic scenery!
Here's another shot taken by my new tripod!
There are many different hikes to take in the Blue Hills and we decided to go up to the Blue Hills Meteorological Observatory. It was a chilly day, but was comfortable when we were moving. Well, I should say that it was comfortable until we got up to the top. It was super windy and cold! We had hoped that the tower would be open (they apparently have a gift shop), but it was closed!! We looked online and the wind speed that day peaked at 58 mph and the average temperature was 18 (it got as low as 8!). So our teeth chattered for the few minutes we wandered around before scurrying back down to the trees. They at least sheltered us from most of the wind.
Amit must have been too cold to open his eyes for this picture
Here's a photo of the tower...
check out the flags!
It was a very fun, but cold hike! It will be interesting to go back and see what it looks like when it is completely covered in snow!

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